House Models and Floor Plans

At the CEC Group, we offer various pre-designed models of homes and floor plans that you can check out to get you started in planning how your dream home should look. We do not offer cookie-cutter house designs, as our models are highly customizable to best suit your unique design preferences while still ensuring that all features remain practical for your lifestyle. Our house designs are full of spacious areas and modern features to give you that luxurious feel. Explore our floor plans today and talk to us about how you want to style your new home.


Our Genesis house model has one master bedroom, three smaller bedrooms and two full bathrooms. A walk-in closet links the master bedroom to the master bath. The Genesis has everything that you need such as a dining area, kitchen, laundry, pantry and foyer. Other areas include a spacious entry, covered patio and car garage. You can opt to include a pool in this model.

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Our Exodus house model features a master bedroom, three smaller bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms. There's a walk-in closet that connects the master bedroom and the master bath, but you can also decide to change this area to whatever you like. As we always say, our home designs are highly customizable so that you can materialize the house of your dreams. The Exodus model comes with a garage for two cars. A swimming pool is also included.

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Our Leviticus house model is by far the largest among our designs. It comes with a master bedroom, four smaller bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Leviticus also comes with a huge garage for three cars and you can include a swimming pool in the plan if you want.

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